We are constantly experiencing the world through our mobile devices. At any given time we could be notified to updates from people half way around the world. We often know more about that someone, whom we may have never met, than someone who is sitting right next to us. How can we experience and connect to the people who are physically around us when our attention is constantly distracted by what is happening in the virtual world of our mobile devices?

distdans brings you to your immediate surroundings through sound. By turning mobile devices into ibeacons, we use bluetooth strength to determine the distance of our users' phones to each other when they are in physical proximity. When one person is near another, they will be notified and hear each other's unique sounds and be able to see each other's profiles.

Customize your sound avatar and profile.

Hear and view people around you when they are in proximity.

See who you've been around during the day and play their sounds.